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cwtch chair

High back chair, March 2019. Popular with house visitors. Oak seat, 3-piece arm-rail, headstock and all mortice and tennon wedging. Hazel spindle and stretcher work all lathe turned. Cwtch cushion extra at £30

Available, £1500 via Golden Sheaf Gallery, Narberth

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Small high back

Small high-back chair, November 2017. Oak seat, 3-piece arm-rail, headstock, all mortice and tenon wedging. Riven (hand-split) Hazel legs, spindle and stretcher work lathe turned. Featured in 'Pontardawe News', June 2019 issue.

Sold, can build to commission

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extra high back

High back chair, March 2019. Oak seat, 3-piece armrail, headstock and all mortice and tenon wedging. Hazel spindle and stretcher work lathe turned. Seat 'saddling work' popular with house guests

Available at £1500 via Queen Street Gallery, Neath

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Chair in Scotland

High back chair November 2017. Oak seat, head-stock, mortice and tenon wedging. Douglas-Fir and Oak arm rail; Douglas-Fir legs, Hazel spindle work lathe turned. Carmarthenshire 'rake and splay' leg setting. Currently in Morayshire, Scotland

Sold, can build to commission

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cwtch chair

'Cadair Fochriw' low-back chair, November 2018. Outsized for exhibition at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. Oak seat and arm-rail cut and shaped in the village of Fochriw, south of Merthyr Tydfil. Riven (hand-split) Hazel legs, turned 'aitch-stretcher', hand shaped spindle-work. Suitable for tall/larger person. Always a popular conversation piece amongst house guests.

Available via Queen St. Gallery, Neath

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cwtch chair

Hazel 'walking sticks', 2017. Cut to a range of sizes to suit most people. Refer to the measurements sheet on the 'order-form' page.

£25 each raw, £30 with 3x oil and 1x wax coat finish

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ty-unnos chair

Primitive Ty-unnos chair, 2017. A small, robust occasional chair. The Ty-Unnos was a form of basic 'squatters' cottage, built overnight on common land. If smoke was rising from the chimney by day-break the following morning, the home owners had rights! A chair built with appropriate 'overnight' economy! This chair can be created as part of a series of furniture/woodskills workshops run at Temperance Cottage. Oak seat, head stock, mortice and tennon wedging. All other elements hewn direct from hedgerow soft-woods retaining live edges. Conversation piece.

Can build to commission

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welsh bothy construction

Bothy in progress, 2018. Roof structure designed with the help of Adobe Illustrator CC and a rational sense of prime numbers, to building-regulations. Philip can design and scratch-build small bothy, shed, dens and shelters to order. Scandinavian pressure treated building regulation pine.

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cwtch chair

Extra-high back chair May 2019. Oak seat, 3-piece arm-rail, headstock, mortice and tenon wedging. Hazel spindle and stretcher work lathe turned. Marshes' style raked front legs. A popular chair amongst house guests. Can build multiples as sets.

Available £1500 at Queen St. Gallery, Neath

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cwtch stool pair

Cwtch stool pair, March 2019. Styled Oak seat, matching aesthetic. Turned hazel legs, oak wedging.

From £270 per one

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oak boards

Oak boards in storage, 2019. Cut for standard Welsh stick chair seat blocks. May 2019

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cwtch chair

Saddling on the seat block, 2019.Light treatment with boiled linseed oil.

The fully finished chair is available (image 9) at £1500

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cwtch chair

Welsh Blacksmith sourced Suffolk-latch, 2018. Installed on my own scratch-built pine stable-door and door frame. Can build doors fully framed in a range of traditional 'Welsh' patterns and styles. Vector computer drawings by myself available from direct observational research and measurement of historic and listed buildings: Powys, Carmarthenshire, Glamorgan

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Maul made from Birch/hazel

Maul. Birch head, wax sealed with hazel heft. Limited function, but fine rustic decoration!

Available £20 and to batch-order.

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