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The 'Drop-In' Bread Making Workshop
'Drop-In' or 'uncategorised' bread making workshops are intended primarily for adults of 19yrs of age or above. Workshops for i) 8-14yo and ii)15-18yo learners can be made available to order as are formal 'Key Stage' experiential curriculum-integrated workshops. Persons at or below 18yrs of age will need to be accompanied by a directly responsible adult, with an adult making the initial booking. Learners will have access to appropriately fitting personal safety equipment such as hats, oven glove and splash-proof apron.

Covid-19/Coronavirus: A Risk Assessment, Social Inclusiveness All workshops are 'risk-assessed, including for Coronavirus: COVID-19 and 'inclusive' as far as is practicable within the confines and facilities of the given venue.

Allergies, Allergens
The ingredients, consumables and utensils used are likely to contain or may be contaminated with nut and seed products. Commercial strong white flour is used, as is tap water, organic sea salt and commercially sourced fresh baking yeast. Use will occassionally be made of a 'Wild Yeast Starter', 'Sponge', 'Poolish', 'Biga' and 'Preferment'. All of these are varying degrees of a flour and water mix that has its own naturally occuring bacteria. Exposure to this may be unsuitable for use by those undergoing pregnancy or with an otherwise compromised immune system.

The website will in due course contain an interactive calendar outlining planned events and booking slots. These may be subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances including illness. Any change of circumstance will be communicated to all participants who have pre-booked as soon as realistically possible and any fees paid refunded, unless alternative arrangements or a transfer to other course/times can be made. Once you have made a booking, you will receive a detailed written confirmation by email. Instructions will be made in good time for directions, times, appropriate protective clothing and anything else you’ll need to bring for your day.

Cancellation policy
Should the course need to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers at final enrolment, a transfer or full refund will be offered.

Payments can be made via Paypal or by online bank transfer, for your own peace of mind in advance of the workshop. By agreement, cash payments can be made on the day, immediately prior to the start of the lesson. Students may also pay in advance by cheque or postal order, giving the process time to clear. Regarding Paypal or cheque, Philip Cumpstone at Temperance Cottage does not see or store any details of your credit/debit card details.

The End-Users' Agreement
The user (yourself as buyer or workshop student) must agree to the 'terms and conditions', by signing an identical proforma, before beginning the lessons, attending/entering the premises or purchasing furniture recently made from green wood.

This legal notice is governed by and construed in accordance with European, British and English Law, 2023.

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