Tracking Procedures 2022

Should you be purchasing a currently available stool, following the clearance of payment, you will be able to track the progress of your chosen piece

Postage Costs for packing and postage are normally supplied with each available piece, where practicable, this will be published on the shop page

Where possible, packing uses recycled, recyclable, sustainable material robust enough for the delivery of the piece. Where larger pieces are involved (chairs, sofa) personal collection will be preferable.

UK, USA and mainland Europe
Costs for postage packing and documentation will be incurred by the purchaser in the instance of pieces dispatched to Mainland Europe from the UK

Commissioned pieces are welcome. A clear idea for the exact nature of the piece(s) required. Digital drawings to scale will in most cases be made available for understanding and agreement by both parties. The digital plans will need to be 'signed off' by both client and at Temperance Cottage.

Building in-situ
Where delivery may be impractical or prohibitive, an entirely different project can be discussed where the build of the piece can occur 'on location'. Raw materials can be sourced locally and the entire contruction carried out at directly at the final location.

Payments can be made via UK cash, Paypal or by online bank transfer, for your chosen piece. Regarding Paypal or cheque, Temperance Cottage does not see or store any details of your credit/debit card details. Contact details will be stored for the duration of any commission or purchase transaction process. Details on invoices will be retained as hard-copies for taxation purposes.

The End-Users' Agreement
The user agrees to the understanding that wooden products of this nature are subject to 'movement' (wood shrinkage/expansion including mechanical joints) and while every care is taken with longevity and robustness of contruction, some changes to appearance may occur. Much like other furniture, a 'settling in' period should be anticipated. Buyers may wish to enter in to a 'conversation' approach with Temperance Cottage over a pre-defined timespan, for a limited range of adjustments potential.

This legal notice is governed in accordance with European, British and English Law, 2021.

All pieces are purchased with a one month 'return' policy, provided no undue wear and tear, damage, accidental or otherwise has been unreasonably sustained by the piece. All packaging and wrapping must accompany returns.

Philip C at Temperance Cottage, June 2022

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