Chair, stool and hand-tool Workshops

SUBJECT to Coronavirus/COVID-19 Government Regulations, Philip is delighted to offer a set of workshops and 'taster' experiences, both at Temperance Cottage or at your own venue. See the 'download' page for specific details.

£250pp/ whole day. Build a three-legged stool using hard and soft woods. Cutting, shaping, drilling and wedging are all explored with a broad range of hand-tools. Highly satisfying connection with nature and building.

An half-hour simple bushcraft 'whistle-making' course is also available at £50pp for under 18s, maximum 6 persons per hour. £75pp over-18s, 6 persons per hour. The workshop is popular with children for its 'instant gratification value'! Caution!: The whistle, when well made, can be surprisingly noisy and distinctly piercing on the ear! Due to the fragile nature of the bark, a days use is an expected limit. The knowledge however can be applied repeatedly!

Bodger's Horse

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